This Limited Edition Collector Box contains both Archival and Contemporary box-sets or rich and inspiring traditional music, including 11CD’s, 3 bonus CD’s and 2 books.

Haida Gwaii, the Islands of the People (the Queen Charlotte Islands), is the home of the Haida Nation. The strength and beauty of these islands have sustained and witnessed the development of a culture rich in artistic and musical traditions for more than ten thousand years. The last forty years has been a period of renaissance in Haida musical and dance traditions. A foundation of less than 30 elders who were ‘Holders of Songs’ in 1969 supported new singers, so that today almost every Haida child knows Haida songs. However, the vast majority of the songs are seldom brought out of our treasure box of knowledge. Now for the first time, this rich and inspiring music is available to the public.

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