Project Description

Artists for Kids and the Smith Gallery have gone virtual and we’re inviting you to experience our fall teaching exhibit, Play!
This interdisciplinary exhibition features works from the AFK Collection that exemplify the creative process of play and inquiry. With the singular intent of supporting teachers and our kids K-12 across the curriculum, we are considering how play with materials (including food!), storytelling, words, and place inspires us to grow and learn.
Our curricular resources continue to include intentional support in Social and Emotional Leaning, Outdoor Education and Indigenous Education. With each curricular area, we invite ALL educators to consider using the gallery as a resource. We are asking some Big Idea questions to get you started . . .
How does play help us to imagine our world?
How can play build our sense of belonging and connect us to others?
What do we learn when we play . . . and how do we learn when we play?